_chngingx3lanes (_chngingx3lanes) wrote in nascarljaddme,

Name: Jenna
Age: 22
Location: Virginia
Favorite Drivers: Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin, Brian Vickers, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon, Joey Logano, AJ Allmendinger, Dave Blaney
Drivers You Dislike: Umm...none really. If I had to choose I would say Jimmie Johnson even though I don't have a good reason to dislike him. He started to win me over a little more after I went to his Q&A at Richmond.
Favorite Teams: Joe Gibbs Racing =D and Red Bull even though I'm mad about the whole AJ deal, I wish they would have just added a 3rd car!
Favorite Tracks: haven't been a fan long enough to decide on my favorite tracks, but I do know I hate California, those races are so boring
How Long Have You Been a Nascar fan? since February 17, 2008...I'm a newbie
How Often Do You Write about Nascar? well I haven't really wrote about nascar yet because I haven't used this journal lately. but I plan on starting again and will probably talk nascar 1-2x per week
Do You Get Offended When People Insult Your Drivers? yes! not angry insulted, but its frustrating for me. I think it's hard because being a Kyle and Denny fan people are constantly insulting them and I wish fans would show more respect for all the drivers
What's One of Your Favorite Nascar Memories? probably going to RIR for my first NASCAR race a few weeks ago
Any other fandoms? Well here are some of my hobbies. I love music and concerts. I also love dancing (such as ballet, tap, jazz, etc)
What other sports/teams do you obsess over? Ohio State Buckeyes :D and anything college football related
Any Final Words? Even though I recently became a fan, I am addicted to NASCAR already! feel free to add me even if we don't like any of the same drivers. I always like reading others opinions on their favorite drivers and what makes fans like them.
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