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this looks kinda dead, let me help bring it back to life...

Name: Jen
Age: 22 (in 3 days)
Location: Philadelphia
Favorite Drivers: I cheer the most for Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Denny Hamlin. But I like several others
Drivers You Dislike: Jimmie Johnson and Robby Gordon
Favorite Teams: HMS
Favorite Tracks: Richmond
How Long Have You Been a Nascar fan? since 2001
How Often Do You Write about Nascar? not as much as I could since most people on my flist are NOT fans
Do You Get Offended When People Insult Your Drivers? nah, everyone's got faves and my faves get hated on A LOT
What's One of Your Favorite Nascar Memories? Jeff winning his 3rd Daytona 500, Tony winning at Indy
Any other fandoms? AI, Glee, House
What other sports/teams do you obsess over? Philadelphia Phillies
Any Final Words? uh hi!

have a spiffy gif
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