Sarah D. (greeneyedsarah) wrote in nascarljaddme,
Sarah D.

Let's do this!

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since anyone has really posted around here. NASCAR gains new fans each week, and I would love to gain new members here as well! We all joined because we like talking racing with our LJ friends, so do me a HUGE favor and pimp this community out to your friends.

I know all of us are tweeting nowadays during the race, but I still love the feedback I get from my LJ friends, even if it is sometimes not too positive (I mean, hello... I'm a Casey Mears fan. Positive is occasionally hard to find. Like say, this past week!)

Please, I would just really like to see some new members and new posts here. If you want, you can go ahead and fill out the form again and post it if you'd like. Our opinions change... I'm pretty sure my "dislike" list used to include Joey Logano, but I kinda <3 him now lol.

So yeah, let's just get this thing going again. Its the middle of the night here and I'm sick, or I'd make a button for us and post it to give you something to pimp out. Maybe one of you more graphically-inclined folks will do that for me :P I want more NASCAR lj friends and I know you guys do too, so let's do it!

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