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♥ Kitty Kitty Whore Slut ♥

Im Jessicka *waves*

Name: Jessicka

Age: 21

Location: Kentucky

Favorite Drivers: ♥ Dale Jr ♥, Tony Stewart, Jamie McMurray, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, AJ Allmendinger, Elliott Sadler, a billion others lol

Drivers You Dislike: Kyle Busch and Joey Logano

Favorite Teams: Hendrick of course!

Favorite Tracks:'Dega and Bristol

How Long Have You Been a Nascar fan? All my life really. But I've been a hardcore fan about 3 years.

How Often Do You Write about Nascar? Haha. I say something NASCAR related everyday almost.

Do You Get Offended When People Insult Your Drivers? Well lets put it this way. I am friends with alot of people who don't like Junior. I respect everyones opinions. But I *will* disagree with you/defend him in my own journal.

What's One of Your Favorite Nascar Memories? Dale Junior winning the Daytona 500 <3

Any other fandoms? American Idol. You'll notice 80% of my journal is talking about either NASCAR or American Idol. Also- I love country music....alot.

What other sports/teams do you obsess over? The Boston Red Sox. Arizona Cardinals. New York Giants.

Any Final Words? Add me!
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