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Hi *waves*

Name: Kiera
Age: 22
Location: Ontario, Canada
Favorite Drivers: Dale Earnhardt Jr (my favourite), Scott Speed, Carl Edwards, Clint Bowyer and Kevin Harvick. Many more.. but those would be my top 5.
Drivers You Dislike: KYLE BUSCH! JIMMIE JOHNSON! MARK MARTIN! yes they all deserved caps haha
Favorite Teams: RCR
Favorite Tracks: DEGA! :D Bristol and Richmond.
How Long Have You Been a Nascar fan? I started watching in 2001, didn't really become a hardcore fan til 2003.
How Often Do You Write about Nascar? Now that the season is back, every weekend.
Do You Get Offended When People Insult Your Drivers? Meh, it depends. I know people are going to hate my driver and I can't stop that, but it frustrates me sometimes when people say bad things about him. The thing that really offends though when it's to do with Junior is how anti-Junior people are always saying he'll never live up to his dad, that bothers me. But I won't hate you if you diss my driver.
What's One of Your Favorite Nascar Memories? Dale Juniors Daytona 500 win.
Any other fandoms? HOCKEY! Tennis, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill
What other sports/teams do you obsess over? I'm OBSESSED with hockey and you'll soon find that out if you add me haha.
Any other words? I love making new friends, especially people I can talk about NASCAR with or that enjoy my other fandoms. So add away! :)
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