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Name: Chrissy Stewart.
Age: 18.
Location: New Jersey.
Favorite Drivers: Tony Stewart is my all time favorite driver and that will never change. I also love Kevin Harvick and Dale Earnhardt Jr. There are a bunch of other drivers I just "like" but don't really root for like I do Tony, Kev, and Jr. Ahaha. (Also: I used to be a huge Sam Hornish Jr fan...when he was in the IRL. I still wish he WAS in the IRL. Sigh.)
Drivers You Dislike: Carl Edwards, Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon...kind of have a love/hate thing with Joey Logano.
Favorite Teams: Stewart-Haas Racing, of course! I still kind of feel connected to Joe Gibbs Racing though.
Favorite Tracks: Daytona, Talladega, Bristol, Indy.
How Long Have You Been a Nascar fan? Since mid season of 2003. The first race I remember watching was Greg Biffle winning the 03 Pepsi 400 at Daytona.
How Often Do You Write about Nascar? Uh, you mean in my journal? Everytime there's a race, I guess. Lol.
Do You Get Offended When People Insult Your Drivers? I know everyone has an opinion but OH MY GOD YES. It pisses me off so badly. I just try to ignore it. :/
What's One of Your Favorite Nascar Memories? Basically, the entire 2005 season. Tony winning the Brickyard was amazing. When he won the Cup, I lost it. I was hysterical, and my best friend and her brother threw balloons everywhere to surprise me and we all hugged. Ahaha. That was an amazing night. :)
Any other fandoms? Sports, politics...that's basically it. I'm not much into TV/movie fandom anymore.
What other sports/teams do you obsess over? MLB: New York Yankees. (Baseball is my #1 sport and I'm the biggest Yankee fan you'll ever meet. ♥) NHL: New York Rangers. NFL: Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants. NBA: New Jersey Nets.
Any Final Words? I love making new friends, especially if we have the same driver interests. :D
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